Indiana Biography Index

About the Index

This is an online version of the Indiana Biography Index, which indexes select books and periodicals with information about people with strong connections to Indiana.

The types of books and periodicals selected are those that the librarians in the Indiana Division have found useful in locating biographical information, as well as Indiana-related periodicals that are not indexed by other sources. Newspaper articles are not included in the Indiana Biography Index. Here is a list of the sources indexed.

Each entry includes a first and last name, dates of birth and death (if available), and basic information about the source. This includes title of the book or periodical, title of the article, author, publisher, date of publication, and call number for the book in the Indiana State Library.

It is best to start your search with a simple surname search.

The Indiana State Library makes no claims as to the validity or accuracy of the information found through using the Indiana Biography Index.