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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I give the courier specific directions for my library concerning pickups and deliveries?

A: Email the information to the InfoExpress coordinator at [email protected]

Q: What if my library is not open at the scheduled time of the InfoExpress stop?

A: The courier will always do his or her best to make deliveries during your business hours, but because of issues beyond our control, this is not always possible. Here is a partial list of possible alternatives which may work for your library:

  • Change delivery day(s) to match driver's route schedule;
  • Expand your hours to match the courier's routes;
  • Make arrangements for a staff member to be present during the courier's delivery window;
  • If your library has an external book return, and are willing to provide the courier with a key, we could use this return as a drop box;
  • If you would be willing to provide the courier with a key to your library, the courier could pick up and deliver to an agreed upon location during non-business hours;
  • If your library has a willing neighbor with longer hours, the courier could pick up and deliver to that location. Your library would be responsible for delivering outgoing materials to this location and for transporting delivered materials back to the library;
  • Your library could purchase and install a lockable dropbox outside your library. The courier would pick up and deliver from this box.

Q: Can a delivery manifest form be handwritten?

A: No. All shipments must include an official InfoExpress shipping label. The courier will use a distinct Parcel ID number, located on the top right hand side of the each label, to process and track deliveries.

Q: What do I need to do when the driver makes a delivery?

A: The courier will scan all items into his or her phone upon delivery. They may do this before they bring them inside or they may do in your department. This scan updates each item as DELIVERED in our system and tags it with the delivery date and time. When you sign the phone manifest for the driver, you need to review the count of scanned items. Your signature confirms that the driver made it to your library, the number of parcels delivered and the date and time of the delivery.

Q: What do I need to do to ship out materials?

A: For out-going items, the library needs to provide a single paper copy of that day's shipping manifest. The courier should count all outgoing parcels and confirm that the total number shipped matches the total listed on the manifest. The driver will also record the number of items delivered on the form and sign the library’s copy of the shipping manifest, indicating that they have delivered the stated number of items and are picking up the listed number of items.

NOTE: It is imperative that you get the drivers to sign the outgoing manifest. Without this signature, neither the driver nor the courier service can be held accountable the items they pick up. Normally, this isn't a problem, but it is vital in case we need to track a lost parcel.

Q: How long do we need to keep these manifests?

A: The library only needs to keep these signed manifests until the likelihood of a problem is past. Typically this is once the longest loan period for the materials has expired. Anytime after that point, these documents may be thrown away.

Q: If I’ve forgotten my account password, how do I reset it?

A: Email [email protected] to request a password reminder.

Q: Who do I contact regarding InfoExpress inquiries?

A: All issues or problems concerning courier service, including billing inquiries and adjustments to weekly stops, should be addresses to the InfoExpress Coordinator by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 877-835-0014 (Toll-Free) or 317-232-3699.

Q: Can I use shipping materials other than the InfoExpress bags?

A: While we suggest using the approved bags, the InfoExpress courier will also accept materials in tubs and sealed packaging materials, such as boxes and large envelopes. However, regardless of the type of package, it must contain an InfoExpress manifest label.