Current Rates

Fees are based on the number of deliveries per week. Participants determine how many days a week (weekdays only) they need pick up and delivery. In order to offer the lowest possible delivery service cost for all Indiana libraries, the Indiana State Library provides state taxpayer money to subsidize the cost of one delivery per week per library district. Public Library districts, school districts, academic, institutional and special libraries are eligible to participate in InfoExpress.

The daily rate for InfoExpress is $1586/day. Member institutions within standards, that are not branches, and that are not corporate, receive an upfront subsidy of $610 for the 2024-2025 year. Additionally, these libraries can qualify for the Resource Sharing Rate, which features an additional $210 annual subsidy for a second day of service. To qualify for the Resource Sharing Rate, a library must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Subscribe to 5-day-a-week InfoExpress service
  • Subscribe to OCLC ILL System
  • Participate as a member of Evergreen Indiana
  • Participate in SRCS
  • Is a net lender (# lends / # borrows >= 1.0)

The following table represents the rates for the 2024-2025 year:

2024-2025 Rates (Effective 1 July 2024)
  Unsubsidized Subsidized Resource Sharing
One Day $1,586 $976 $976
Two Day $3,172 $2,562 $2,352
Three Day $4,758 $4,148 $3,938
Four Day $6,344 $5,734 $5,524
Five Day $7,930 $7,320 $7,110
  • For the 2024-2025 year, a 2% late surcharge will be added to payments postmarked after Wednesday, July 31, 2024.